Discover How to Use Humor to Attract Women

Attracting women is the greatest dilemma of men especially if they are inspired by a certain woman and want to get her attention. While they say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, it is not the case for women. Women prefer men with sense of humor; and men can take advantage of it and use humor to attract women.Smile or laughter is infectious, and women love to be with men who can make them laugh or smile. Women respond positively to humorous men and became comfortable talking with them. Laughter breaks the ice and makes it easier to talk to each other. The best weapon of men is to know how to use humor to attract women.If you have the ability to make women laugh, you are ahead of other men. Who wants to be with someone boring and who frowns all the time? Most people especially women loves to be with happy people, this is the reason why humorous men are easy to like. If you can make women laugh, you have their attention and you can use humor to attract women.Unfortunately, not all men are really funny and confident to use humor to attract women. But did you know that humor can be learned and you can effortlessly make women laugh?Martin Merrill author of “Make Women Laugh” will guide you how to use humor to attract women. In his eBook he revealed the secrets to attract beautiful women using the power of humor. You will learn how to make any woman laugh at any time, any place, and any way you like. He said that “Any man, regardless of look, intelligence, education, and personality, can unleash his power of humor to make women laugh and fall in love.”With positive results from people who have read his e-Book and successfully use humor to attract women, he also said that “After reading and applying the techniques revealed in this e-Book, you’ll soon become a totally humorous guy and be able to approach any woman confidently because you know with absolute certainty that you can make her laugh until she falls in love with you.”