Public Relations As A Strategic Tool To Integrate With Your Marketing Efforts

Integrated marketing communications is a very effective tool for all businesses. The integration of advertising, marketing and public relations is much more strategic than pursuing each of those elements separately. The old traditional use of advertising as the principal means of promotion for business is no longer effective. In my business coaching experience I have seen too many companies wasting significant resources by following an advertising strategy that does not work because it does not reach their target audience, has an emphasis on the “glitz and technology” rather than an emphasis on content, and is simply misdirected.Public relations is often overlooked and/or under-valued as part of a strategic marketing plan. Public relations needs to be integrated into a strategic marketing
campaign. The leveraging of public relations will allow your positioning statement (market differentiator) to be integrated into an objective, third party coverage in the media. An article or feature story in one of your targeted business media will be more effective than a traditional ad in the same publication. And with the technology available to us today, especially the Internet, public relations can be an even more powerful strategic tool in your marketing efforts.So, if the Internet can make your public relations more effective, what are some of the things you should remember to do regarding your public relations efforts on the Internet. Here are a few suggestions from your strategic thinking business coach.+ Listen, read and learn from what is happening on the web. Research what is out there in the online media.+ Integrate your public relations material onto your website and make sure you include your website address on all your news releases and all other company communications.+ Be consistent in all your public relations efforts online and offline.+ Use a wire service where their distribution provides a great fit for getting your message to your target market. Make sure the distribution includes print, electronic and online media, as appropriate.+ Expand your news release distribution out directly to your clients, prospects, key influencers and other stakeholders.+ Understand key words and ensure that they are being used strategically in all your communications.+ Leverage your Internet coverage. Create re-prints of your positive media coverage and send email links of the coverage to employees, clients, prospects, and other stakeholders.Adopting a strategy of integrating public relations into your marketing efforts is required to implement a successful marketing campaign. A strategic marketing plan using an integrated marketing communications strategy will greatly increase your company visibility across all communication channels and will earn you more dramatic results.Public Relations As A Strategic Tool To Integrate With Your Marketing Efforts
By: J. Glenn Ebersole, Jr., Chief Executive of J. G. Ebersole Associates and The Renaissance Group (TM)